Lake Walensee

Sourounded by mountains

The Walensee

is one of the larger lakes in Switzerland.

Surface area 24.19 km2 (9.34 sq mi), average depth 104.7 m (344 ft) and max. depth 151 m (495 ft).


Murg and Quarten

Villages at Walensee

From here we take the boat to Quinten and later the cable car to Flumserberg



Lovely trails at the shore

Restaurants, Hotels and small shops and a boat bridge at the marina to cruise to Quinten village


Taking the Boat

cross the lake

Like a bus, the boat taking people over the lake every 30 minutes. Smooth, comfortable ride, chances to take lot's of pictures.



Lovely village at the lake


Car free village

Can be reachend only by boat. lovely trails at the lake, restaurant with delicious swiss and italien food.


Leisure time

Sightseeing and Lunch

Enjoy smooth walks at the lake, taking snapshots, having lunch at one of the restaurants or just enjoy scenery and views.



Overlooking Homestay Linthal

The rack railway

will bring you from Linthal up to Braunwald


With the cable cars

you will get up to Grotzenbuehl or Gummen on 2200 m.

Down in the valley you can see Linthal, your homestay location.

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