Checklist for your travelling

Items you should not forget to make your travel and stay comfortable and smoother

In general

Any season, especially high up in the mountains (f.e. Jungfraujoch 3466m), you will need a good warm jacket, long trousers, good shoes, gloves and a hat or cap. A small back-pack would be helpful for your taily trips to carry your personal items.
Besides the clothes, please do not forget to bring your personal medication, because in Switzerland you can't buy all medicaments without a doctor prescription.

  • Make sure that you have enough space to store your fotos/videos: memory stick, SD-Cards, laptop, etc.
  • Power bank or extra battery for your smartphone or digital camera,
  • Electronic chargers and plug-adapter.

Spring: March, April and May

There are many sunny days in spring, temperature are moderate. But sometimes it can be cold and rainy as well.
In spring, flowers and bushes are blooming. There is a lot of pollen in the air. Bring your anti-allergy medcine with you.

  • Hat or cap and sunglass
  • Warm clothes, a warm coat
  • Wind and rain protecting jacket.
  • Trecking shoes for the montains, walking shoes for sight seeing and shopping
  • Long trouser, f.e. Jeans

Summer: June, July and August

Summer is the very warm season. But if you are in the mountain area, early morning and during evening the temperature can be fresh.

  • same items as for Spring and in addition:
  • Shorts, T-Shirts, sandals and suncream,

Autumn: September and October

The climate of this season is similar compare with Spring. Can have hot, sunny days, sometimes windy, rainy and cold. End of October you may see early snow falling.

Winter: November, December, January and February

Temperature can be under zero degrees. January is the coldest month. You will need to bring:

  • special warm winter clothes (trousers, jackets, underware)
  • warm and waterproofed winter shoes,
  • winter gloves, winter cap and scarf.

Make your reservation now and let your travel begin. We are very happy to welcome you at our Amazing Swiss Tours homestay